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Maggie Sabella, 2016. Photo copyright Sally Cohn

Jackie Moynahan 2011. Photo by Sally Cohn

Aurea Dance 2011. Photo by Sally Cohn

Work by Refractions Dance, 2006

The Mandance, 2006

Bow, 2005

Dance by Liz Kent, 2005

Marissa Schoenfeld, 03'. Photo by Ralph Stewart

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Advancedshop 06"

Amara 06'

Kelly Leonard 06'

from Karin Wilkinson's Perfection, 06'

Scott Hershowitz, drum circle ringleader 06'

Stilting AND dance rehearsal for work by Abby Bender, 2002

Work by Abby Bender 2003

Alexis Iammarino and Marissa Schoenfeld in a dance by Lexi Major 03'

Lashanna Williams

Andrew Dickerson 2005

She-Figured Dance 04'

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Jesse Keller Jason and Carol Loud, 2017. Photo copyright Roberta Kirn

Amina Wilkins. Photo copyright Roberta Kirn 2017

dancenlight, 2014. Photo copyright Rich Davis

Dance The Yard 2014. Photo copyright Sally Cohn

Devon Lodge, 2012. Photo by Sally Cohn

Rebecca Sproul's piece 2011. Photo by Sally Cohn

Emma Hastings, Iris Grace, Augusta Dillon and Marta Azzollini, 2007. Photo by Sally Cohn, copyright 2007

Jackie Moynahan, 2006.


The Mandancers 06'

The many hilarious faces of Nora Laudani in rehearsal for Falling in the Garden of Eden, 06'

Work by Anita McFarlane. Photo by Ralph Stewart, copyright 2005.

Dance by Anna Luckey, 2006

Iris Grace in work by Anita McFarlane 2005

Abby Bender Schmantze Theatre. Photo by Ralph Stewart, copyright 2005

Julie Caranddo and Serena Smith. Photo by Ralph Stewart

and the crowd goes wild 06'

Refractions Dance, 2006

Jonah Maidoff from The Mandance 06'

Work by Laura Sargent Hall, 2003

Work by Mary Esther Malloy, 2000 at outdoor BOS performance

Dance by Nancy Gaffney and Amy Jardin, 2004

Work by Corinne delangavant, 2003