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Workshops for kids & teens! STILTSHOP & ADVANCEDSHOP! Please read below

Stiltshop is a choreography workshop for children ages 5-10. The basic elements of choreography will be covered, but more importantly the children will be given an opportunity to create dance from their own inspiration. With the guidance of two experienced dancers and choreographers, Andy Jacobs and Maggie Sabella, Stiltshop participants will work and play together to build a collaborative dance for Built on Stilts.


If the form doesn't show up after you've clicked the link, check for it in your Downloads folder.

ADVANCEDSHOP (for kids ages 11-16)
With the guidance of experienced dancer/choreographers Andy Jacobs and Maggie Sabella, kids will deeply explore the craft of making dance. Through experimentation, dance games and playful assignments, participants work towards one collaborative group piece for the show. Each dancer is encouraged to express their individual voice as a mover, while collaborating with the larger group. Participants cooperatively generate nearly all the material for their dance. Workshop instructors aim to instill a love for making and performing dance regardless of technical proficiency or experience. No dance experience is required but Advancedshop can be challenging (and FUN!) It's the more rigorous, next step after Stiltshop.

Stiltshoppers '08 just before showtime!
The Stiltshop Crew, 2003